How to Fix Google Ads Disapproved due to "Destination Not Working"

Google Ads disapproved due to "destination not working" means that the landing page can't be reached by Google's crawlers, due to some issue such as a broken link or redirect. This is probably the most common disapproval type. Unfortunately ,Google does not provide the exact reason why your ad was disapproved, so you'll need to figure out the cause and solution. Here are some common possible reasons for ads disapproved due to "destination not working," and how to fix them.

Server Response Code

There are several ways to check the status code - developer tools in your browser, Google sheets, extensions, or SEO tools. Although Google does allow ad links to be redirected, too many redirects can cause slow page load speed and result in poor user experience.

An http 200 response code works best. A common discrepancy is omitting www. from the destination URL, resulting in a 301 redirect to the www. subdomain. Also, note that the display URL does not need to exactly match the destination URL.

CNAME Record

Google ads can be disapproved if your landing page doesn't appear on your registered domain. This issue can arise if you are using different landing page building services. Parked domains are not allowed, and subdomains can get flagged although they are allowed. By creating a CNAME (canonical name) record, you can link your landing page to your root domain.

Ensure that the Website is Universally Accessible

Even if your ads are only targeting a specific location, Google's policy is that your website should be universally accessible. You should have a robots.txt file granting googlebot explicit permission. A possible solution for this issue is to redirect foreign traffic to a splash page that says "this website is not available in your country."

Dynamic Tracking URLs

If you have enabled auto-tagging in Google Analytics, then Google will pass the gclid along with the URL. However, if your website can't handle URL parameters, then it can cause an error.

In some cases, just enabling auto-tagging in Google Analytics was enough to get the ads approved. Although Google disapproves many ads, mistakes do happen - if you believe that your ad was mistakenly disapproved, you can try making a minor edit and resubmitting.

If you still can't get the ads approved, go ahead with the appeal. Appeals usually go through within a few business days, and you can check the status in your policy manager. You can also try contacting Google Support.